God of …

God of miracles 

I believe in you 

God of healing 

I believe in you 

God of peace

I believe in you 

God of justice 

I believe in you 

God of comfort 

I believe in you

God of hope 

I believe in you

God of life 

I believe in you.

Yesterday, today and forever

I believe in you.

A black Ocean.

A black ocean above, full of bright shining stars,
Beaming down on a life full of scars.

Vast vast skies of dark overflowing with light,
Seemingly unaware of the terrors of night.

Always lurking, never going away,
Even when you think they’ve been kept at bay,

Ready to creep in, ready to invade,
Always keeping you on guard and afraid.

The battles will continue on and rage,
Always wanting to keep you locked in the cage.

Hold on, hold on, don’t let go.
For never again will you go so low.

Do not be overcome, do not fear,
For hope has come, and He is here.

Starting to unlock that big heavy chain,
That keeps you held in all the pain.

Wanting to love you, hold and heal,
Desperate for you to see He is real.

One step at a time, moving in a new direction,
Allow yourself to come under His protection.

Rest for a while, and let the tears fall,
For He sees them and will catch them all.

A black ocean above, full of bright shining stars,
Beaming down on a life full of scars.

© Helen

There is hope.

First published at the end of October 2012 on ‘fragmentz’ (the blog I had before this one bit closed down to come out of anonymity) but I found it again this afternoon and felt I needed to share it. 

My understanding of Jeremiah is much broader now than it was but I still stand by that being an important verse and for many years I held it close. 

I still believe in hope, and I will believe in hope for you, if you are not able to yourself at the moment. 

You are loved. 

‘Most days I sign into here and I often glance over how people have ‘found’ my blog. Its often by googling something, and then they land here. And often the things people type are relating to surviving abuse, depression, church, mental health, self harm amongst other things.

Sometimes people land at Fragmentz by typing something like ‘is there hope …’. Is there hope for … a self harmer? A depressive? A survivor?

My response to those people is YES. LOTS. And I really hope by stumbling across this blog that those people who are typing those things are able to find hope in this space.

And that those people are also able to find hope in the life they are living.

Because there is hope. Maybe it is small grains of sand shaped hope, and maybe it might be something bigger. Maybe it is something very quiet, or something very loud.

But however big or small, quiet or loud there IS hope.

Whatever it is you are facing, whatever storm you are in the middle of, keep hanging on to hope.

If you are unwell with depression or other mental health issues: there IS hope.

If you a survivor of abuse and/or rape: there IS hope.

If you battle with self harm: there IS hope.

If you struggle with suicidal ideations: there IS hope.

If you are fighting to stay above the water, for whatever reason: there IS hope.

I believe this for you, if you are a Christian. I believe this for you if you are not a Christian.

However some of the searches people have typed and found my blog with, related to battling issues and Jesus. I truly believe Jesus still loves you, whether you are depressed or not. Whether your self harm or not. Whether you battle with God or not. Whether you are a survivor or not.

He loves you. And has a hope and a future for you.

One of the most important bible verses when it comes to hope, and my own life, is this:

Jeremiah 29 verse 11 –  ‘I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for’ (The Message)

Please know, wherever you are, whoever you are and whoever you believe in,

you are precious. 

You are valuable. 

You are beautiful. 

There is a hope. 

There is a future. 

As I sat writing this blog, the last verse of a poem I wrote called ‘The Whisper’ came into my mind. It is this :

As the years pass by, the scars never go, but begin to get lighter
She sits down, and watches life go by, and the sun getting brighter
And as she confronts all of the things in her life she fears
In the stillness the previous whisper of ‘I love you’ is all she hears.

I dont pretend there is an easy way for life to happen. There isnt. Life is tough. But please know and live in hope that brighter days can exist. That even though the memories never go, they can be lighter, things can be brighter.

Please know you precious, your are valuable, you are beautiful. 

You are loved. Loved. LOVED’